Way to handle a refrigerator from damage

Moving the refrigerator method is very simple, tilt angle not greater than 45 °, smooth handling finished placing the refrigerator, then put more than 2 hours operate, making access to refrigeration piping in the refrigeration oil flow back to the compressor.  
Its purpose is to prevent compressor refrigeration oil poured into the refrigeration piping and clogging capillaries. Refrigerant oil in the compressor is compressor lubrication of machinery parts, refrigerators and refrigeration piping, there is a throttle with capillary, only about 1 mm in diameter, and approximately 1 m in length, easily clogged with frozen oil, so handling should pay attention is to prevent this capillary congestion, causing refrigerator less efficient or no refrigeration.  
Recommends that the fridge to rest for a few hours and then, because in the process of moving a refrigerator might have accidentally tip over, ARES at an angle, rough, flat place and other conditions, so put the refrigerator in place, let stand a few hours later, compressor oil return to the compressor, power use, so as to extend the refrigerator life. BACK
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