Moving relocation how to avoid fierce Ching Cheung

Days of their sins, Gu Danliang e of 1 to choose the right move "date you can probably see" Daily Almanac "recorded in any Almanac: pony, horse, dehe, opening day, whole day. Day four, Shi de, day, month grace best move. Note avoid Almanac records: spent four, five, four, breaking days, weekdays, closed day, closed day four, to die, to avoid, collectors, old, tired of months, month sentence, three days. Others will see this day and the family signs are red, if rushed to choose another date. This ultimately find the careful and appropriate time of day setting out appropriate move time. Under normal conditions the day moving resolution. Or moving can probably affect your luck at night.  
Thus need pillows to occupation: according to the number of families, 2 new pillow to move resolutions. Neo-Confucian thought "occupation" population transfer. Enable new pillow to open the door into the House. According to the person's bed separation display. Hong Kong, Singapore and other Chinese pillows inside the envelope, containing 138 Yuan in an attempt to "life for life" means.  
Ceiling, wall and wall, right out of the House, 3 when taking 21 sticks of incense burning, from the House to the left, and let smoke smoking and sweep the rooms and toilet cooker with rugged. Security outside, extinguish it abandon the loss. To loss of evil, especially those covering individual Feng Shui House Foundation is particularly important.  
Not seeing all of the moving process. Moving house in Hiyoshi, 4 Special Note: If you are pregnant. Water heating, cooking, best do worship, setting off firecrackers and other missions.  
Sure to boil a kettle of boiling water, 5 the day of arrival. Meaning income stream. While plug in all the basin (kitchen, bathroom, etc), open the tap, to slow water flow due to the long, meaning the full bowl full of meaning. Houses can also be about a fan, hair dryer around, but not towards the door and blowing, meaning wind.  
Barrel placed in a piece of writing with "Chang Man" red paper, 6 move the best carries a full m-meter cylinder or m barrels. 168 Yuan or placing the envelope, taking its "together" means.  
In carry-on luggage to bring a handful of rice, a soil and a small bottle of water to their new home. Especially about moving from one province to another province, 7 If you move farther way. Not to mention could go abroad and so stopped the water and land grievances and condolences in a foreign land.  
No profanities, in particular not to curse a child. Safe to say bad words, doing bad things. 8 absolutely cannot move industry days vitality hopes.   BACK
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