Moved to make it clear how much

Before moving, moving company get advice, ask prices and the need to move vehicles. But there's a problem, there are many customers in consultation always need to do things with his own moving company customer service says clear, little didn't say some of the things a little better. Main customers are connected. Laundry facilities such as air conditioning, a refrigerator, not saying big things like led moving company moving vehicles, they were small, go to the scene of the move will lead to misunderstanding. Some customers will say, said he has been talking about, said moving company Pack, all things have moved out. Here fair, some moving companies will be on the road increases, but some did not. Metaphorically said, a customer is required to move, he is not moving much, if the moving company customer service does not know how many of the things and the customer and direct you to a cart, that is not a waste of money? and the price is expensive, you can accept it? also said some customers more, to move a home takes more than 100 Yuan. This point was speechless.  
Anyway, that is something both sides want to move out. Is moving no more than 100 more than 200 price, if any, is deceptive. Members moving to Shanghai the people think carefully, in Shanghai, the price can move it?

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