Why moving and moved overseas

People's House, known as "housewarming". But the "move" of the word, is not initially described the move alone.  
"Joe" character in the ancient "high" mean, Shuo Wen Jie Zi Zhu said it is "high music", which is used to describe what? is used to describe the trees look like. We are talking trees, refers to one of those tall trees.  
The book of songs in such a, said: "Ding Ding, logging, birdsong what, from the Valley, moving in the trees. "In other words, someone logging in valleys, birds have no Habitat, leaving the Valley, moved to tall trees. "The move" of the word, that's it.  
Tang dynasty poet Zhang JI, a gift of Yin Shanren, there are four sentences: "the telling sequence, and group ru may hold the whip. Full House virtual left, all eyes looked on the move. "Here," move ", refers to a person rises to a high level. So the word is also used to describe the promotion.  
People move, pay attention to picking a good day, in ancient times known as "lucky day". Ancient superstition that some unknown force to be able to have an impact on people, both good and bad. They believe there is a God in heaven, shift on duty when some deity when on duty, will bless the world, suitable for lots of things.  
As we are familiar with the "left Green Dragon, white tiger on the right" in the "Dragon", originally in ancient myths and legends of the gods of the East, and later JI God, regarded as one of the main fiscal; such as "life nature", "life", is in charge of the human life of God. The two gods "duty" days, is the so-called "lucky day".  
In ancient times people move, there are earth-shattering, such as emperor, with officials moving together, this is called capital. We has been moved many times throughout history, avoiding natural disasters like pangeng moved the Shang dynasty yin, is to escape the flood due to political considerations, such as the Emperor moved the capital to Beijing from Nanjing, is to strengthen control over the North.  
Reasons for moving, there are astounding. Wu Zetian from Chang ' an, the capital moved to Luoyang, very important reason, is actually the food! 
At that time due to inconvenient transportation, population explosion, Chang an town, so lack of food. At the time of Emperor Gaozong, Emperor to take officials to the Luoyang Office, where next to the Canal, the natural environment is also good, so food is plentiful. History calls this "the RAC". When Wu Zetian's time in power, she can't toss back and forth, we decided to move. BACK
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