Move to half had suddenly risen to 500 Yuan

"My family moved two Street, less than 500 meters, the moving company moving to half had suddenly risen to 500 Yuan. "1st, members of the public phoned Mr Wang gave this newspaper, reflecting their moving experiences.  
According to Mr Wang, in yesterday's move in his house, he found on the mailbox at the entrance to "move" phone salesman after listening to him, said 260 Yuan is needed. Yesterday morning, the moving company site on time, they have 6 people, trucks do not have any signs, workers do not wear uniforms. Things moved to the half, several workers will ask the fare increase. "Good 260 Yuan, is the Assembly and disassembly of your Cabinet costs 100 Yuan, plus car started 58 Yuan, the other is to add money. "In accordance with their algorithms, and moved to new homes from home, 4/f, 4/f, a distance of 500 metres away, but also have to add 240 removal expenses.  
Mr Wang would not pay, but when he "moved" company called complaints clerk denied the time commitment is 260 Yuan. Also act as a "peacemaker" and said pay 400 Yuan only can. Mr King will be never compromise, workers swear away. Did not move, Mr King got plenty of gas.
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