Moving is a pain in the neck

Hey, moving is a pain in the neck, though we still haven't moved, but I have experience of this.  
Noon to eat a little bit more and just wanted to say Pack it, so you can lose weight. But there was regret not living, I found myself how so many things. My sister when they were moved, but neither of them clothes, shoes, bedding and cook things accounted for 16 large packages, filled a cup car. But I see something with two elder sisters, I think we have to throw things, then resorts to small stuff on the inside, otherwise a Gold Cup certainly not, we'd have trucks. But I don't have any big, just clothing with small things and have moving truck, I despise myself.  
Second sister doesn't count, count my own stuff, blankets 2 thick, 1 thin, there are a variety of blankets a number, then I 4 cushion, seat number in summer and winter, each of these things has 2 sets of the cover, because the plastic light cover was filled with a large suitcase. Yes, pillows, I have 2 foam pillows, a tea, a silkworm excrement, altogether 4, like anything else, doesn't ring a Bell, is full of things. In comparison, my dress but not too much, but also a lot, throw the 2 after a suitcase, a large bag and one plastic box, sure there are the rest of the time watching where, there is a special little box is full of small things like belt scarf. So, I found that I was a girl, and love shopping, I've also known as I love buying clothes, but I buy more.  
When you actually throw things, the most reluctant of the shoes because when you buy are very costly, but also not as bad, but it is true that you do not wear it once a year, if not move on with, but moves in order to save space or throw it, throw out preliminary estimates there are less than 20.  
This is I currently preliminary finishing of things, then also has I home various tea, and tea, not is sets of tea, light single of Cup probably on has 10 dozen, then Bowl, and plate are in 10 bit number above, also has various pot, wok, and steamer, and stockpot, and rice cooker what, on has also has various spices, and meters, estimated all received up, also have half House.  
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