After moving mattresses and hurt somebody on the way

84 years old lady Guo came out from home in the afternoon to ventilate, suddenly head black, the woman was heavily hit dizzy. Family members rushed to found culprit turned out to be a mattress caused an accident. Recently, members of the public to this hotline reflect her relative Lady Guo suffered.  
According to reports, the old lady who lives in a residential building in longhua, Baoan district longhua Street near the bus station floor. A few days ago, she came out from the House as usual, outside air, accidentally fell from the sky.  
Heard a dull thud outside, the old lady's family immediately came out, found the old man turned out to be was a mattress and fell to the ground. Looked up to find the culprit, 5/f window next door still had two rope, dangling helplessly in the wind. Originally, five residents of the building were moved. Movers to labor-saving energy-efficient, comes up with an idea: the mattress with a rope tied and hanging from the window. Think of loose rope in the air, under the mattress in straight sets.  
Found a mattress to blunt trauma after the old man, the old lady's family immediately dialed 120 telephone, rushed to longhua hospital treatment for the elderly, and Dial 110 to call the police called to the scene. After diagnosis, the old man's lumbar spine injury. Surgery, costs more than 30,000 yuan.  
Movers said himself by selling energy to eat, make dozens of Yuan a day, can't afford it. Landlords and the moving company has simply failed to think medical bills should not foot the Bill. Guo's family very angry, call 110 for help again. Municipal Public Security Bureau legal hotline staff said injured persons to the police station to find the police certificate of survey issued by the scene of the accident, according to the Division of responsibilities, apply to the Court to require responsible parties to pay medical expenses. In Lung Wah Street mediation of letters and visits Office, Guo Jia and finally get the advance of medical expenses.  
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