Move what to watch for

Move should pay attention to? Shanghai moving company reminds you to note the following points: 1, hung on the wall, high-grade lamps and closet thing don't forget to remember.
2, inventory their hiding place for anything.
3, water, electricity, gas meter records and keep the recent payment receipts.
4, the cards always take place.
5, moving to look for regular moving company.
6, do not look for hourly workers moving things.
7, in order to ease out of the box looking for much-needed supplies, case to case-by-case register.
8, moving a few good pieces, in accepting the goods shipped to, make sure you square up, check whether the omission.
9, rental property you want to view to find homeowners own representations or look for regular Agency.
10, in the handling process, at least two people in the House, such a command in the House Porter, another side note items on the bus.
11, family pets, such as cats, dogs, fish, a living animal, please take it with you.
12, in we should pay particular attention to whether there are missing items, all items are all loading, must themselves carry valuables.
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